The Passion of Christ

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  • Black 2


  • Dcoxkaty

    Why starting in #8 no English sub titles?

  • Sherron

    where can I this movie in english language?

  • Yuni

    filim is very nice really heartbreaking extraordinary sacrifice

  • Cheri Larsen-Nadeau

    To think that our Lord Yahshua would indure such pain for us..i have to ask why and the only answer is because He loves us… heart aches to see this..

    the first couple parts was in English then the English come?

  • Anonymous

    There are english subtitles now.

  • Anonymous

    That has been fixed. check it now.

  • Tacotornado

    Jesus Reighns!! Hail our King!

  • Alfonsajuliasari

    Tuhan, terima kasih karena Engkau begitu  mencintai aku yang ngga layak ini.
    Terima kasih karena Engkau ngga pernah putus asa untuk terus mencintai aku yang selalu menyalibkan MU berkali-kali .
    Cinta MU begitu indah, aneh, ngga habis aku mengerti….
    Ajarlah aku yang gersang ini buat mengerti cinta MU, buat aku mencintai MU, sepanjang hidupku

  • Sherron MacLeos

    Can you show The Passion of the Christ in the English languish please?

  • Anonymous

    It is has subtitles in English, the film was originally done in Hebrew.
    You can the nativity story if you want to hear english.

  • Anna Hermali

    Doa saya, biar cintamu lebih dalam lagi kepada Yesus yang telah menebus hidupmu dari kegelapan kepada TerangNya. Inilah saatnya kamu menyatakan kasihmu kepada DIA yang telah mengasihimu lebih dulu. Kasih Tuhan sama kepada semua orang, [kasih tdk sama dgn berkat]. Saat kamu nonton film ini, undang Yesus untuk menyertai kamu. Peluk Dia, DIA LAYAK, SANGAT LAYAK untuk kita cintai dengan sepenuh hati kita.
    Kasih Yesus jauh lebih besar dari dosa kita. Yudas aja diampuni, karena dia menyesali perbuatannya. Silahkan baca surat dari Tuhan sendiri.

  • Sherron M

    The movie only gets to the part where Jesus is carrying His cross and it starts back at the beginning, can you fix this problem, or let me know where I can it without interuptions?

  • Sherron MacLeod

    The movie The Passion Of the Christ is still not showing completely, please fix this so I can the whole movie. thank you sherron.

  • Anonymous

    Sherron, It is now fixed I believe. Please Check.

  • Joycekadzo

    the one things that amazes me about the movie is the same people who wanted Jesus to be crucified are the same people who weep behind him as he was going to be crucified.all in all Jesus rules


  • loves God so much

    dat is so touchin and because i hve believed in God for so many years it hurts so much

  • Deyarna5

    i knw what ur sayin famo i lve GOD 2

  • tracy

    i conducted over 30 years of research into the bible and found every single event did infact occure as written!  also found the loacation of every magor event written it took years to complete .  i had to compile 1000s of pieces of information study 100s of books to find one conclusion read 17 versions of the bible ican assure you that these events did happen and the existance of god is afact during my research  i witnessed some events that were supernatural it is a incredable story there were 100s of witnesses . iam currently working on a book of my findings and these incredible supernatural events!!!       this book will surley shock the world!!!!!

  • Christine Ninu


  • Mariav

    For God so love the world he gave his only begotten sonJESUS CHRIST. We should all remember that Jesus Crist ,had done a lot of sacrifices and died on the cross just to save us for our sins. The only wish that God wants us to do is to love one anohter. Thank you God for everything you’ve done to us,forgiving our sins, for giving us life, a wonderful life.Your’e great and amazing love you’ve shown to us. I will love you for ever in my life.

  • Emmanuel Bakhsh

    ebiblemovies is a really wonderful effort! I highly appreciate it!

  • Bubblesworld1822

    It cries me at start till the end of the story,It really feel me the pain how sorrowful we are for the sin we’ve done and unforgiveness condemn in him was he may able forgive our sins…oh Lord Jesus for saving your people you give your life your soul towards people have sinned against you.. in the  bottom of my heart i pray my sins against you oh Lord Jesus Christ and forgive everything i have done to commit thy sins of our fathers command… Amen

  • Anonymous

    often at times people do nothing to make a change/difference . we witness a lot of wrong doing time after time. at times even going with the flow, really?… here is Jesus Christ the son of man who endured pain and suffering just so our sins can be forgotten. a price he paid with his LIFE. ask yourself what it cost you the next time u choose to ignore a situation. remember to love one another.      

  • Francis Mbenga


  • Rocco zaldivar

    hey tracy iam glad to hear your love for crist is so real and your studys for the truth. I am also studying I would love to talk to you if you got some time please call me @ 786 3663554. I would love to hear what you have to say.. bye bye god bless us all….

  • Sarahilyas77

    God is the best, he always listens when in need of help, and he drives Satan out of peoples hearts. Dear God please forgive all the innocent people who have been mislead by Satan to do evil things, and teach them to love you, give them a chance to make you proud of them!

    Defiantly the most emotional film that makes me cry!


  • Anthony Jan Yap


  • Anthony Jan Yap

    He endured the pain because he wanted to take the burden of all our sins because he loves us so much. He showed to the world how much he loves us. He even prayed for those pharisees. That part really touched me.

    But what have we done to repay Jesus? Did we change? Well, maybe some of us did, but majority of humanity is still evil. That is why he will come back here and punish those who cannot be saved anymore.

  • Anthony Jan Yap

    While watching the movie, and watching those two fat romans laughing while
    they are lashing and nailing Jesus makes me ask one question: “Why
    Jesus? Why did you sacrificed your life for those kind of people? Please
    don’t burden our sins anymore for you have suffered enough. Next time,
    let us pay for our sins so you won’t have to carry the burden anymore.”

  • Lourdes

    i love it

  • Lourdes

    What a friend we have in Jesus,
    all our sins and griefs to bear!
    What a privilege to carry
    everything to God in prayer!
    O what peace we often forfeit,
    O what needless pain we bear,
    all because we do not carry
    everything to God in prayer.

  • Lourdes

    yes you really right Anthony jan Yap

    God bless you ciao

  • cynthia dumont

     Jesus is a friend of mine he can save me any time he dont care for nickles and dime hes come back to save us from the end of times

  • God is love

    Because he knew love, we didnt know love, but now we do know love, and we can be saved because of his love.

  • brother FrancisM

    Amen in Jesus name my God my LORD and my Personal Savior Amen.

  • God

    How did jesus save us from our sins? people since then until now have been killing stealing raping etc, Humans sin now more then ever shelling civilians children innocent people, We have traces of star dust in us, most pharmacy medicine has substances in which we have in ourselfs, which we inherited from stars exploding, evolution, It’s just pure luck that this one ball (planet) out of literaly BILLIONS OF OTHERS, had the right source’s and circumstances to create organism’s and particules, which over time and change, multiplied and grew into bigger cells bigger particules bigger organism’s. Its proven every living thing animal and human decended from organism’s bacteria particules etc, we are nomore then what lives in your carpet, we’re just on a bigger scale, i DO not believe in a god which the humans have created if there is some divine creator its not what we KNOW or can imagine. Since beginning of the human we have created and believed in over 2900 GODS, depending on when u live determines which god u believe in. HA

  • Nikolai

    May we always remember what Christ has suffered in our times of struggle. May you find peace in knowing we are only here for a short time. God will never give you more than you can bare. He is with you at all times. Amen.

  • Jos Ue


  • Eli

    Where does Jesus say in the Gospel that He is God and we should worship him? Son of God in old Hebrew and Aramaic means a person that submitted to God. It is a metaphoric phrase. There are many prophets that according to the Scriptures are sons of God. But old Greeks and Romans understood it literally, because they had their Gods who had sons. The only verse where it is said that Jesus is begotten son of God is not uttered by Jesus, but was written some hundred years later and was defined as false verse by many Christian scholars and therefore taken out of the Scriptures in King James version (only after sometime it was republished and included the verse again because of objections).

    “Say: God does not beget nor He is begotten”. Koran. That is the main difference between you and us, brothers. Begetting is an animal act. God is above all human or animal acts and features. Don’t say like that, don’t damage your belief in God, would you just know, brothers.

  • Shannon

    I searched the web to find movies about Jesus. This was the best site that i found. It teaches the true meaning of the Bible and everyone who is of God. It’s sad to know that so many people don’t understand the will of God . Whoever created this site I thank you for letting people like me be able to and learn the true meaning of GOD.I hope that you continue to provide this service to others so they can learn also.

  • Tony C

    Just a brief suggestion, i highly recommend the book “The murder of Jesus” by John F. MacArthur. It will give you deep insight into the last 12 hours of jesus’s life. It will make the passion of christ come alive

  • Angela

    I never tjought of it like that, it’s so painful to see what Jesus went threw for all of us and people still refuse to serve him. I hope everyone who watches might acknowledge who Jesus is and ask him into their hearts. God Bless You!!!

  • satyanand…………………

    best movie i ever seen

  • william

    thank you jesus for dying for our sins.
    and mel for making this movie.
    just as i remembered it 8 years ago….
    same results…tears that shot out from my eyes never even hitting my cheeks

  • kenny

    no one like yu my lord

  • Love god bro

    kid there only one god and it’s god
    creater of all he gave jesus the man who died for our wronging
    Of god he died for our sins it’s wrong to go against the god who help us
    You cant go against cause if you defie him like tht man did in the movie your know better than the devil him self be luck he dose forgive those of there sins of our sins
    Love him cause he is our father it’s only right to follow him
    Since jeuse died for us

  • anon


  • Tom


  • HOPE


  • Against darkness

    In the land of the blind the one eyed man it’s king this mvie so antichrist Wake up brothers and sisters

  • hategerm

    You are a self proclaimed scholar of “THE WORD”, you want to sell me …in the NAME OF…all the research and studying , the suffering endured yearning for “THE TRUTH”etcetc,(i will not expand on this s to your condition )you are a chosen to hold a knowledge,divine insight to be spread amongst the nations,etcetc,blahblahwuffwuff,and bestow your eternal wisdom upon me,(for a price,of course,why wouldnt i give all my worldly posessions,or just a few of my dollars,to you??its worth a shot,you blew it, the foundation of your claim is beyond pathetic and sad,yeah,THE LORD chose an imbecile for whatever….! Idiot, your exhibition of absence for the most basic,fundamental capability of understanding, concept , importance,function of a written word,a language,and its translations.DUMBFUCK,get your JEWSPEW edited,for the sakes of making a buck!? yup.cruel joke on your kind,the need to obey your nature,denied necessary intelligence to witness its fruitation.

  • tiffany harry

    i love god i pray to him every night hes my lord i worship for life love u lots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • A friend

    I love you all in Jesus’ name

  • Jimmy JR Carter


  • Lizzy

    Yes, miss Tracy. I happen to look at things scientifically being a student of science. And I have never found any contradiction to the events mentioned in the bible but in fact found evidences..scores of them that support each artifact or event recorded. the dates have swung here and there but that was cuz of the difference in time zones or the interpretation thereof. Science has in fact brought me closer to God and faith in Chirst.
    Kindly do send me a link/copy once your work is complete. I would be delighted to have a look at your view of things.

  • Debbie

    One thing i am sure of, the Holy Bible is never half true. It is the only truth in this world full of misery. God loves us that is why he sent JESUS for us to know that He does exist. If God did not sent His son to die on the cross to redeem us all would you believe in God’s existence??? Jesus is the living proof that God exists. WE LIVE BY FAITH NOT BY SIGHT. Our body can’t live without a soul but our soul can surely live without the body. The question is, where will your soul end up? in heaven with eternal life or in hell with eternal death? We must believe that God sent his son which is Christ Jesus and we must accept Him as our personal Lord and savior. It is written, whoever loves the Son, loves the Father also. John 14:6 “He is the way, the truth and the life,. No one comes to the Father but by Him”. Have faith in Jesus. The people that rejects Him and puts His name in vain will carry their own cross in the Judgement Day. Godspeed!!!

  • Andrew

    I have read the accounts in the gospels many times of the torture that Jesus went through in His final days, and it never really hit home with me until I watched this movie for a class assignment. To see the pain that He endured so that I would not have to face the horrible pain for my sins has been too much for me to bear watching. It has taken me 3 days to get through this and I (as of this post) still have almost an hour left to go through. I am amazed that Jesus took all the pain that He did without complaining (yes I know He cried out from it but He never begged them to stop), that is something,no matter how long I live or how “good” a person I am, that I will never be able to repay.

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