Queen Esther Movie

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  • Bonkel

    This is the most accurate version I have seen. Just a pity they didn't put in Esthers prophesy – she ordered the hanging of Hamans 10 DEAD sons after the battle. In 1946, 19 Nazi were hanged after the Nurenberg trials. It should have been 11 but Hermann Goering committed suicide hours before and thereby fulfilling the prophesy. The names of the 10 sons were entered into a computer (in Hebrew) every 5th letter taken and it showed 16th October 1946. No coincidence.

  • beverly

    Oh my heart was so touched.

    Praise God for providences

    Psalms 19

  • ebiblemovies

    Amen. God Bless You

  • Isabel Soto

    What a great site! Thank you for sharing this kind of movies.Gob bless you.

  • Gerardschillaci

    I really enjoy the movies on this site.Have been on for about eight weeks,How about some new movies, know all these by heart!!!!

  • Patrick mensah

    i was so touched when i the movie about esther, how wise she was in those days to redeem the Jews from the hands of the Persian king Xerxes 1,i pray that,the good God should give all women of today such  heart.


    i like the movies i am saved and love to bible movies the word of God is coming to pass it has to because he spoke it. God and his word are the only place for our faith because he will not fail us. i would like to see some new moveis  thaNKS.  jAY W ONEAL

  • reginaldo

    god   bless   jesus  love   you

  • Yatzari tarango

    kind of blurry but a good movie!!!!! :]

  • Arabiandee

    I love this site…wow.thank you very much…God bless you!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PC5QVRJPX4Y3TRWDICICJABE2U Seeley

    true trust in the lord; is how we must please Him.  not in the things we see like this story of history God was working all over the world in his time and His order

  • Keyarnna

    Esther.. has much courage.
    Mordecai- was such a wise man. True gifts from God Himself.
    I see so much inspiration from this story….
    May i walk in this belief and wisdom also… forever and ever.. Amen.

  • Keyarnna

    Please place me in your prayers also… i will speak up to say I want this heart too!

  • chiposwag

    I <3 this movie :)

  • Lary

    You have the heart. You have to act as God will not force you to act. It is always free will and free choice.

  • mellika brown

    This movie is fantastic it touched my heart, very good! God Bless

  • Lula Croff

    This movie its just so touching. It touched my heart. I love bible movies. :-)

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