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  • Tatsshorty2u

    this movie Noah’s Ark is sooooo far from the Bible it’s a comic

  • Anonymous


  • theburningone777

    cool bible movie saw the whole thing

  • Anesialewis

    This is such a great story of the histroy . that went by. people dont believe believe in what they can’t see. but the fact is he is real. love the lord 

  • FatherAaronA

    Anyone who is a fan of biblical stories should boycott this film.  Someone in  Hollywood decided that the biblical story as it stood wasn’t spicy enough, so he throws stories of Sodom and G. that didn’t happen until Abraham’s time, and stories that we nowhere in the bible, like Noah battling with Pirates. It is nice to be able to come online to a site like this and be able to a good biblical movie.  This site is a good evangelization tool for helping those who do not know the bible or its stories.  But this is all questioned with this site having this movie.  Those who do not know the true biblical story won’t learn it by watching this movie. And while many may get excited about this mixed up version, it is still false, and if you keep this in your list of biblical movies, there should be some kind of disclaimer saying that it not only does not follow the biblical story but mixes biblical stories that are unrelated.  Or maybe you can say it more to the point, like “If the truth will set you free, bondage comes with this movie.” 

  • Andy Cocking

    That’s awesome FatherAaronA!  Should also have a warning about modern psychology saying, “The truth will set you free, but come here if you still like your bondage!”

  • slocanriverman

    Movie maker should have read the Bible first to get the story straight before spending all that money. What a joke of a show, only good for entertainment, but you should know the actual timeline and people so you don’t get goofed up with this guys mixed up ideas, before you the movie.

  • Epienaar

    Maybe this movie should be removed?

  • Vincent Santiago II

    The Movie still had enough points of veiw to it and mention’d pleanty ! I Thought the movie was fine… A Good Start To Those New to Christianity,and that are Seeking… (because one doesnt feel that it is not enough for them is a personal issue and They should REMEMBER that it is dissatisfied veiwer Coments That can steer The NEW Beleivers Away, with doubt… BE WISE PEOPLE WITH YOUR COMMENTS…  Vincent Santiago II, Descendant of the Apostle James.

  • colleen

    This could of been a great movie if they didnt add so many thing that just wouldn;t of been, knowing the culture and the bible the sttitude of the wife is all wrong and te wording should of been exact what God our Lord said- hate to see people add to and take away from his words and so is other things. too bad could off been a good one

  • Jess

    u must not sympathized with error lest you become deceived.It is not a goood start for unbelievers,but a dangerous one,with views like yours would allow a flood gate of errors to come upon the ignorant,

  • jess

    error like the rain falling while the animals were entering the ark are such lies that are armful for the ignorant.

  • Sister in Christ

    this movie is not accurate but read the Bible study to show thyself approved

  • sandhya

    super story

  • SisterPam

    Beautiful !

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  • Ringkue Hasan

    Noah Movie review

  • Shaky Red
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  • paul berry

    DID SOME ONE MENTION DEmilles Ten Commandments and this disaster in the same breath/article???CRAZIED, who told this man he could direct, or produce such a low level/browl film, I waited for weeks, excited wanting to see my Gods Word again come alive on screen, but this joke! I should have done my home work, this man has now even allowed the muslims to look biblically sound by refusing to let this filth enter their nations, where is American protestors of this film??? Let me be one of the first to say, where is my Money??? I paid for my family to see this 60 something dollars later I was in shock and dismayed that hollyhood put out such garbage as this epic mess… For what is important this day go to Adam and Eve seed gathering Ministry site, and the Adam and Eve Word research blog, as the Adam and Eve in Action blog to see Gods now finished Mystery Rev:10:7 …. It has begun { and and for what Gods Word has brought us too, the end of sorrow/aging/sickness Rev:21:3-4 }

  • Priyanshu Payal

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  • marianaaa
  • marianaaa

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