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  • Anonmus

    This story does not give an accurate account of the history surrounding Samuel, King Saul, or and especially King David. Next time read, study the Bible like you would any other biographical media that’s not only entertaining but also shows the TRUE events that happened. Start with 1 Samuel 15 KJV(King James Version is my personal favorite). The story of King David is fascinating all by itself; sensationalism is not necessary. Please when dealing with This great and Holy Book make sure your story is both entertaining and Accurate.
    May God give gift of interpretation and understanding of His Word. Amen

  • concerned viewer

    I would agree with the previous comment.  This movie should also be flagged for nudity.  You can get the point across without showing it.  

  • Thea Pienaar

    I agree, there is absolutely no need for nudity in this beautiful bible story , that spoiled the movie.

  • Kay

    I had forgotten about the nudity but why does it have to be obscene? The Bible does not leave out explicit detail. Naked people are a fact of life. And David once exposed himself to his people consequently due to his ecstastic praise. G-d didn’t condemn him, one of his wives did and she didn’t get to have children because of it. Let’s love ourselves, each other and not make this movie something that it isn’t.

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