Joseph King of Egypt

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  • William

    great story. praise GOD>

  • Eldhojacob

    how many years have been the human beings created in the earth?
    please give me the biblical and archiyological evidence.

  • Dan

    around 4000- 5000 years..not so sure.


    tanks for this free movies in todays world nothing is free, but the word of GOD can't be buy or sale, thanks to your family GOD bless you all, Amen.
    Hugo Torrado President of the LORD Temple Presidency. LDS Church.
    9502 North 15 th ave apt 217
    Phoenix Arizona 85021 USA.

  • ebiblemovies

    Amen. God Bless you too.

  • Jevon_bromwell

    update your site

  • Jevon_bromwel


  • ebiblemovies

    is there something that needs to be updated? can you please point it out? thanks

  • Oraine Snaith

    This is probably my 10th time watching this film…beautiful, simply beautiful. Growing up, Joseph was the bible character I strove to emulate.

  • Ttopkat90

    i love this site!! i have been watching all weekend god bless you for putting up this great movie site

  • Koit Pärn

    Zaphenath- paneah (joseph´s name in egyptian) means: the saviour of the world, sustainer of life, or revealer of secrets

  • Mercy Perkins

    thanks for these movies,may God bless you.We are blessed!

  • Nemiah

    i end up in tears watching this film god bless u for putting up this site this movie is fantastic this movie shows us that as long as we are faithful to god he will always there for us

  • Rebel_yok2006

    yes i like

  • Gods Child

    excuse me but why would you say that do you just the movies and then tell people what to do that is so rude you should use your intelligence more and more wiser that is absoulutely rude ! you should apologise right away

  • Gods Child

    no dont ask him that hes just being rude how disrespectful can he be he is so terrible

  • Esther

    May God Bless you and keep you always…I know you have been rewarded for doing this, I know it. Thank you!

  • David

    My God bless you too

  • Madduezrasastry

    this is a very good site to understand bible characters .thanks for free movies

  • Elvismballe

    i commend the person(s) who placed this movies here. God bless you

  • Barbie

    I would like to thanks everyone that was involved in putting this site together, It is a blessing to be able to the these biblical movies. I am truly grateful. May you all be blessed.

  • Eric Beba

    thank you so much for uploading this film. it has truly blessed me. may the lord bless you :)

  • Sistomaestas

    I Love this site  but is there anyway or how can more movies be added?

  • Epienaar

    This is a rude remark, WHY?!

  • Msiameto2000

    nyc nyc nyc. God bless u ol for helping the world understand The Bible more.

  • Vincent Santiago II

    Great Movie ! It has Much to offer ! Pray and Ask The Lord Jesus Before Each Of These Movies You To Open Your Eyes And Ears And Your Mind That It May Effect Your Heart In The Derrection That Is Pleaseing To Him… Vincent Santiago II, Descendant Of The Apostle James…

  • rick

    thank you someting worth watching

  • Isaac John

    thanks alote every body for this inspiration biblical movies may good bless you

  • Kousik Das

    GOD Bless You And All Worker.This movies Has Changed Many Heart And Mind.And Also My Heart.I Think GOD Has Blessed You All.

  • Robert

    Where is part 2 to this story of Joseph?

  • Robert

    Never mind I found it and….cried :)

  • T’Shurah Dove

    Great movie. Had me in tears throughout the ending

  • kyemar

    very inspiring may God bless the ones who this movie

  • sm
  • mike

    i love u, God bless u.

  • harriett

    Thanks for the site. I couldn’t some of the movie because it said that they were removed because of copy right infringements. Is there another place to them, Thanks I love the site.God bless. B

  • darkangelights

    I love bible movies!

  • darkangelights

    Why does everything i wanna take me to youtube?

  • Mae Bell

    Thanks for putting this movie online !!

  • haris

    guys how can i see the movie with abraham,isaac,jacob,joseph in one movie?

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