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  • Yotubgb

    all i can say is wow..

  • Ghghghghghghj

    wow wat !!!!! oooh ccntr u just say something sensible!

  • Blackboy-R

    the gospel is goog but it should be free because the lord told his disciples that you got the gifts for free then you should give it for free. these movies should not be for sale

  • augustine


  • TomH

    Wow, really? We get the first 10 minutes and the other vids in the playlist were removed by user. I wonder why they left the first one up and removed the other 2?

  • beverly

    These animated stories are so good for the children and I love them to.

  • Debby

    I loves watching Daniel with my children they learn so much from it

  • somebody

    God’s grace is free but if everything is free then who will pay the artist, directors, the shooting expenses and how about the verse in the bible that says “those who live by the Gospel shall live by the Gospel”. Salvation is free my friend but the growth you need is very costly because it will take all your life to seek the truth.

  • robert

    I love daniel, it shows great courage and love for God. Love the lord your god with all your heart with all your soul with all your might and all your mind

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