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Acts of the Apostles. The book of Acts is the foundation of the Church. After chapter 9 the book greatly deals with apostle Paul.

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  • A fellow believer

    Thank you and may God Bless you richly. I was needing some encouragement and found this video. I know that Brother Paul is the first messenger to the Gentile church age. Seven all together. Ending with the Laodicean, our last age that we are now living. Bro. William M. Branham being the last, a prophet from our very own nation. He had signs and great wonders following his ministry, just as the apostles and prophets of old. Jesus Christ still alive and working through his people. Hebrews 13:8 I also know that time is swiftly fleeting, and the Lord Jesus shall return soon to take his Bride away. We all must turn to him with all our hearts and pray for our unsaved loved ones, to come to him quickly.

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